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किसी पर भी वशीकरण करने के 7 अचूक तरीके

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vashikaran by photo, cloth, hair, drink, footprint, water and shadow are the method of controlling any person. Here we explain method how to do vashikaran all with them. In Indian vedic astrology, There are some specific mantras, Yantras and Tantras for do it. Here we explain all about these.our specialist explaining here 7 best method to do vashikaran on desired person easily. Here is 7 ways to do vashikaran as listed below:-

  1. Vashikaran By Photo (image vashikaran)

    In this method, You have to need a photo of the person, on whom you want to do this. Keep this photo on a table and burn 7 candles around this. Now take a scent stick and set on head of it. Now close your eyes, hand wraps and chant specific Mantra which our Specialist suggest you. 7 days of your work starts showing result. Our specialist knows more ideas to do vashikaran by photo. Here we describe only simple method which can be done by ordinary person. Photo vashikaran is our special online service. If you have photo of the desired person whom you want to control. You should contact our specialist now. Read More: How to do vashikaran for love marriage.

  2. Vashikaran by Cloths (Cloth Vashikaran)

    In this method, you have to collect a cut piece cloth of the desired person whom you want to control. Keep this cloth in pooja surrounding in red coloured cloth. A scent Stick set on it. Follow our specialists guideline, chant all Mantras strictly. You will get result in 3 days. You feel everything according you after starting Pooja. Cloth vashikaran is really very effective for getting desired result. Our specialist knows other remedies of it. He can solve your problem in 1 day. Here is only simple remedy for exhibition. For more detail contact our specialistNow. Read More : How to do vashikaran for get love back again

  3. Vashikaran by Hair ( Hair Vashikaran)

    In this method, You have to get some hair cut of your partner or desired person whom you want to control by vashikaran. Our specialist suggest you how to do vashikaran by hair. Bind hairs with yarn. Keep the hair in Pooja. Follow all suggested guideline. Hair vashikaran is really very strong to control the person. Our specialist  is experienced for do vashikaran or black magic with Hair.  Read More : How to solve your love problem with vashikaran

  4. Vashikaran by Drink (Drink Vashikaran)

    Many people want to control their friend, family members or other person who is closer of him. This method can use in it easily. Our specialist gives you some suggestion to create a vashikaran powder for mix in the drink to control desired person. Some Ayurvedic Jadi-Bunti, Vedic Materials need to make this vashikaran powder. Our Specialist guide you how to make this powder. For more guidance contact our Specialist now.

  5. Vashikaran by footprints (Footpring vashikaran)

    If you don’t talks your desired person whom you want to control or you can not collect photo, cloth and hair of him/her or you can not drink with him/her, you can use this method. In this method, you have to collect soil of your desired person’s footprints. Keep the soil safely and follow our specialist P.K. Shastriji’s guideline. Our specialist tell you powerful remedies for how to control a person with his/her footprints. For more information contact our Specialist P.K. Shastri directly via calling him.

  6. Vashikaran by Water  (Water vashikaran)

    In this method, You should contact our specialist directly. He tells you how to do vashikaran with water. This is really strong vashikaran. It gives immediate result. Our specialist P.K. Shastri tell you collect some material for this. You need to make a Accustomed powder for this. Our Specialist tell you how to make it. Mix this Accustomed powder in the water and feed it him/her. He/her never realise what happens with him/her. He/her starts follow you every time. For more detail contact our specialist  now on call.

  7. Vashikaran By Shadow (Shadow vashikaran)

    This is really very powerful vashikaran tool. If all mentioned tricks don’t work for you or you can not do them, You can try shadow vashikaran. You need to collect soil of desired persons shadow where he/her stay minimum 2 minutes. If you get succeed to collect it, contact our specialist for best suggestion how to do vashikara with shadow soil. Our specialist explain you some remedies and give you perfect suggestion to get result in mean time.


All tricks of vashikaran mentioned above are tested and works for  many person. If you need any help, contact our specialist without hesitation, he is always ready to help you. You can contact him via direct call or chat on whatsapp. Our specialist is well experienced in hypnotise every thing. He gives you right and true result. Our clients comes from different areas of the world. Our mostly services used in Australia, Canada, USA, UAE, UK, India, South Africa and many other countries. All services uses in various problem solutions like love related all problems, family problems, husband wife problems, career & Job problems, child problems, study problems etc. Our specialist works only for humanity service. If you are suffering such a great problem and need help of astrology, Our specialist  is ready here for help you.

So don’t waste your priceless time in searching fake astrologers. You need immediate help. so contact our speicalist  now. If you waste your time, your problem will become bigger and more bigger. So contact without any hesitation for get desired result in meantime. You can email us, text us, call us or contact via filling contact form.

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