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Love marriage astrology

Love marriage astrology :- The Marriage Calculator focuses on love marriage, promised marriage, delayed marriage and denied marriage. It also pays attention to the planetary positions that decide the time of marriage and the factors that lead to divorce and separation besides analysing what kind of planetary positions cause unhappy married life. You can find out more about your marriage and married life by typing in the details required below.

Every human being on this planet possesses different characteristics but there are a few similar traits, which can be divided into 9 types according to Love marriage astrology. You will find a lot of articles on this website, which talks about the characteristics of people but this article focuses on an individual's preferences when it comes to love and marriage. Some just flow with emotions, some are practical in love, some run after beauty etc. All this depends on the date you are born on. This is much more complex than just dividing the whole world into 9 kinds of people but it is not possible to explain each and every date. You can yourself analyse a person from the date of birth after you learn Love marriage astrology. The characteristics of a person are dependent on the psychic number, destiny number, name number, zodiac, month of birth and year of birth.

Karmic & Soul Mate ! Never underestimate the power of searching your soul mate in connection to Astrology.

We all are looking for a honest and trusted partner for a life time. In today's generation finding a honest and trusted partner is a challenge. This trust & faith in each other is the foundation of the true love and marriage. You would have observed that the deep faith & trust in the partner gives the love a longer life.

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Love marriage astrology is a divine unison of soul mates and is a vital decision one makes in life. The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. Especially, in today’s digital world, finding your perfect match has become quite a challenging task. Love marriage astrology says that there are several factors influencing your marriage life and compatibility between the couple. The planetary positions in one’s birth chart decide the time of marriage and how life unfolds after marriage.

Our Love marriage astrology do not just stop with the evaluation of your birth chart for relevant relationship information. They also suggest powerful Love marriage astrology remedies targeted to bring you relief from delays in marriage or a troubled married life. We help you forecast the chances of success of a married life, whether to move on or cling on to an existing relationship and guide you to make your married life a success.

Our panel of skilled astrologers devises horoscope matching and romance compatibility reports by analyzing the birth charts of the couple in detail.

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Upon studying the horoscopes of a man and a woman for marriage, 36 key points are considered. For marriage talks to precede further the would-be couple must match 18 key points or more for a successful marriage.

Love marriage astrology give compassionate guidance to our members who come with questions about romance and commitment. Several areas of your chart reveal helpful information about what type of partner you will do best with. Traditional techniques examine the 7th house for clues about your chemistry for commitment. In addition, the 5th House gives important clues about likelihood for romance, closeness and intimacy while the 11th House indicates your ability to experience and maintain harmony with others. While the saying is “Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus”, in reality, these two planets impact all of us in our abilities to find and achieve happiness in relationship. The placement of those Venus and Mars in a chart reveals considerable information to an astrologer about someone’s relationship karma. Most of us do not have “perfect” relationship configurations in our charts. The good news is that many imperfections and blemishes are quite correctable with simple Love marriage astrology remedies.

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One of my readers insisted me to write on how to check Love Marriage in Horoscope. Maybe this can sound little bit Odd to someone belongs outside India but in India actually there are two types of Marriage-Arranged and Love. Arranged Marriage or sometimes called negotiation marriage is kind of marriage where Parents of two families decide about marriage where as in case of Love Marriage boy and Girl falls in Love and decide to marry. During my Marriage consultation also people often ask me will i have a love marriage or arranged marriage astrology, Possibility of Love marriage in Kundli etc. After going Through this you will be able to identify Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage by Date of Birth.

Venus plays a very important role in deciding whether the marriage would be a love marriage or an arranged one. Sometimes, it indicates physical attraction which usually does not end up in marriage. Venus is the ruler of pleasures, joys and desires and it should be pure and unafflicted for a pure love and a stable emotional life.

Venus the Karaka of love, when aspects ascendant, 5th house, 7th house or 11th house depicts the loving nature of an individual. But, conversion of love into a marriage is a different thing.

Venus signifies purity and senses. So, when it is unafflicted and well-placed, senses would be under-control and the love would be pure. When such Venus is the lord of 5th house and is placed in the 7th house, your love can definitely have a happy ending with a Love marriage astrology.

The probability of a love marriage is also present in the condition when Venus is placed in the ascendant in the Chandra Kundali or is present in the 5th house from the Moon.

Many people seek a love and commitment which will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, we see in the world that at least half of all couples do not experience this kind of happiness.

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Love marriage astrology has some time-honoured techniques for evaluating compatibility between couples to see if their planets support a relationship of agreement with each other. Our Love marriage astrology carefully evaluate charts to identify reasons for marriage and relationship woes.

Venus and Mars have great impact on the changes of success for a happy, committed relationship. Venus and Mars are "relationship foundation" planets. When they are both in benefic placements, their influences can help bring about timely and happy marriage. However, if Venus and Mars are weak in a chart or receiving troublesome influences from other planets, Venus and Mars can wreck havoc by triggering energies that destroy relationships or give ongoing marriage troubles.

Love is a wonderful experience which can happen to anyone. Love is divine and is a higher form of spirituality. If we talk about Love marriage astrology, Love marriages have been happening all over, since ancient times. In Love marriage astrology and ancient civilisation it was considered as “Gandharva Vivah”. In modern age love marriages are a more common happening as compared to arranged marriages. The best thing about love marriage is that both partners get full time to understand each other. Both individuals understand more efficiently the interests, nature and like-dislike of each other. However many times we see the failure of love marriage. The main reason for this failure may be, getting into love marriage without having yoga of love marriage in one's birth chart. Let’s have a look at the yogas of Love marriages as discussed below…

  • Exchange between 7th lord and 5th lord.

  • Exchange between 12th lord and 2nd lord.

  • Combination or aspects between 7th lord and ascendant lord.

  • Combination of 2nd lord and 12th lord in 2nd, 5th or 12th house.

  • Combination between 2nd lord, 5th lord, 7th lord and 12th lord.

  • Combination of ascendant lord with 7th lord, 5th lord, 2nd lord and 12th lord.

  • If Moon is associated with ascendant lord in ascendant or with 7th lord in 7th house.

  • If there is Sagittarius or Pisces sign in 9th house and Rahu or Saturn has aspect at 7th house, 9th house and Jupiter.

  • If ascendant lord, 7th lord and 5th lord are evil planet naturally of have relation with 8th house.

  • If Venus posited in 5th or 9th house, according to ascendant or Moon sign.

  • Placement of Rahu in ascendant may be the Yoga of Love marriage, if Jupiter has no relation with 7th house.

  • Jupiter and Venus is the main ruling (KARAKA) planet of marriage and married life. So these both planets play an important role in Love marriage. If Jupiter in female chart and Venus in Male chart are in evil effect, then the chances of love marriage goes to strong.

  • Aspect of Rahu on the seventh lord, saturn or venus increases chances of love marriage.

  • Combination of Rahu and Mars in 7th house is also a signification of love marriage.

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  • If the 7th lord combined with Mars and Rahu in Taurus or Libra sign then the possibilities of love marriage goes to strong.

  • If the 2nd lord and 2nd house has relation with Mars according to ascendant, Moon sign and Sun sign, then the native get love marriage.

  • Combination of fifth and the seventh house and mutual aspect or sign exchange causes love marriage.

  • Association of Venus with Jupiter or Mercury in KENDRA or TRIKONA creates the yoga of Love marriage.

  • If 2nd house is in evil effect, Venus is associated with Saturn or Rahu and 7th lord is related with Venus, Moon & ascendant then the possibilities of love marriage goes to strong. If 7th lord posited in 7th house, then 7th house goes to strong and possibilities of love marriage goes to strong.

  • When Saturn or Ketu are in the seventh house the chances for love marriage increase.

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In case a native gets married to person of interest in life, the happiness of the couple can be predicted by determining the planetary conjunctions and positions in the 7th house. This is because the partner in love gets promoted from 5th house to the 7th house. If there is affliction by badhaka planets in the 7th house, the marriage can also result in divorce. If there is affliction by malefic planets, the married life would be full of conflicts and problems.

It has been observed, however that only 1 percent of the people have affirmative relationship between 5th and 7th house without afflictions of any kind. The success of a love marriage depends on this favorable conjunction between the 5th and 7th houses.

Love marriage astrology is the dream of each couple who really wish to get back their love. Love is name of give not take. Each people define love in their own format and have unique definition for love. For some people it is the name of sacrifice and for some lives a long lasting relation with their love. For a person who is in love their partner is the whole world for him/her. Love is an outstanding energy that fills someone with an essence of love and make that person luckiest person. But when someone get separated from their love then to realise the harshness of life becomes difficult for them. Nobody wants to go far away from their love and want to spend their whole life moments that may be good or bad with that person.

Love marriage astrology now has become the need of every person where you are able to get the solution of each problem. Love marriage astrology is the solution of love troubles where your love luck is decided at the birth time and astrology has power to assure you about your love life.

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