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mohini yantra

Our vashikaran specialist provides Rati Mohini kit vashikaran which help you to resolve problems of vashikaran and love issues specially for women and girls for controlling husbands and boyfriends. Rati is goddess and wife of Camden. She influence the attraction, magnesium, love in women, girls.

In these there is an exclusive section dedicated to women or girls on use enchantments to look appealing and charming.

Rati Mohini Kit contain all vashikaran, love, ancient method to make you beautiful, attractive for lovers, kamdev kit, yantra

mohini yantra for love

Rati Mohini Yantra

Rati Mohini Yantra is made on mixed metal plate with Golden Plating and multi colored images. The size available is 3 x 3 inches. You may select this variety by clicking on the Radio Button provided along with the main image.

Rati Mohini in Copper & Golden Plated Locket

This Rati Mohini Yantra is in a Locket form so that it can be worn around the neck. The material used is copper & brass with Golden Plating done on it. You may select this variety by clicking on the Radio Button provided along with the main image

Please Note

The Yantra sent to our clients are already energized by our vedic pandits according to rituals required as per ancient Vedic methods and therefore it may be directly placed in the Puja Room to your.

Mohini Vashikaran-yantra

Yantra - For Attraction
To attract the person you desire and bring him or her under your influence.
For gaining cordial professional and personal relationships between superiors, colleagues, friends and others.
To obtain favours and make a good impression on others and to win affection and friendship in their hearts and minds.
To solve all your sexual problems and fulfill your desires.
About Yantra:
Yantras are visual tools that serve in meditation either as centering devices or as symbolic compositions of the energy pattern of a deity as seen by Tantric seers in their vision.
As there is a difference between mind and body, so there is between yantra andmantra. Yantra is the body or form of the deity (devata), whereas mantra is the mind, consciousness, spirit or name. Yantra is the external, visual expression through which the deity receives devotion.
When a yantra is adopted for worship and the energy is invoked in it, it becomes a symbolic representative of the deity and actually it becomes the deity when the person abandons his analytical, critical attitude and the energy circulates in higher centers. Every yantra becomes the dwelling place of the deity it represents. No idol or picture of a deity is as powerful as a yantra in meditation, because a yantra is composed of archetypical forms that are common to all existing phenomena. The very process of making a yantra is an archetypical activity that works with the encoding of the genes. During the process one moves from concrete reality to abstract truth. The word yantra is used in two or more ways in Sanskrit. It comes from the root which means supporting or holding the essence of an object or concept. The syllable & comes from or liberation from bondage. Yantra also means liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth (moksha). As a tool, yantra meditation is used to withdraw consciousness from the outer world, so as to help the student to go beyond the normal framework of mind to the altered states of consciousness known as turiya.
The act of drawing and painting yantras teaches the mind how to concentrate, how to be one-pointed. To some people this practice of painting yantras is fascinating and absorbing, while others might not find it as interesting as doing calligraphy or singing, but creating a yantra can yield a valuable lesson. Yantra drawing requires accuracy, exactness, discipline, concentration, neatness and patience. The geometrical forms of the yantra activate the right hemisphere, which is visual and nonverbal.
A black point on a white background forms the most precise and powerful yantra for meditation. But it is too simple to say that a yantra is a point on a surface which serves as a field for gazing. The point (bindu) is the center of the yantra. It signifies unity, the origin, the principle of manifestation and emanation. Although in theory a true point has no magnitude, but to have a point in concrete form, it is given the smallest practicable magnitude. This point is the first step in visualising the abstract, the formless. Meditation or concentration on this point brings the mind towards abstract concentration which is used as a means to self realization.
A circle is an extension of a point. With the radius of desire, the point draws a circle around itself and expands. However, the circle also creates an individual consciousness out of cosmic consciousness. After the point and the circle the triangle is the simplest yantra form. Upward triangles draw the attention up and away from the world. In this way, yantras have a grammar of their own - see table on the left.
Yantras that represent any form of the divine mother are called Shakta Yantras. Yantras can also be related to Vishnu or Shiva. In most cases their forms are equal to some of the Shakta Yantras, but the colors differ. Architectural yantras are used for the ground plan of temples.
Astrological yantras are used in working with the energy of the nine planets. Numerical yantras are not composed of basic geometrical forms but of numbers. Some of these yantras are used as talismans. When working with a yantra, a mantra is needed to invoke the vital life force (prana) of the particular deity.
Constructing a yantra requires imaginal thinking which involves the right hemisphere. The symbolic nature of yantras triggers the left hemisphere. Practitioners of tantra combine the universal pattern of the yantra with the cosmic sound of a mantra to achieve a higher state of awareness, in which individual being and universal being are one. The dichotomy of the hemispheres is resolved, both are calm.
Especially Westerners are more left hemisphere dominated and are deficient in right hemisphere education which causes some loss of imagination and of faith in higher values. Right hemisphere education through art, dance and music is needed to restore the balance. By coloring and drawing the geometrical yantra diagrams, based on the mathematical perfection of sages of the East, Westerners can make both their hemispheres work simultaneously and calmly, achieve faith and live in constant awareness.

This mantra is originated by Kamdev. He is even the husband of Rati. In actual, Kamadeva is globally known as the God of sex and love. And, if you are willing to attract any girl or boy towards you to have sex or love, Kamdev Mohini Vashikaran Mantra in Hindi is appropriate for you. Mohini vidya is basically known as the ancient Hindu science of magnetism. There are several result oriented Vashikaran mantras of unique frequencies available for the past numerous years.
The mantras, if recited according to the rituals and certain specific rules, can simply cast spell of mass attraction or for any particular girl or boy. This science of attraction is actually attached with the Hindu Goddess “Mohini Devi” who is the sole female demonstration of Lord Vishnu, the shielding power out of the Hindi trinity of the creator, the guardian and the destructive force or Brahma, Mahesh and Vishnu.
Mohini, who was manifested by Vishnu, was the beauty beyond compare. Vashikaran mantras as simply like lal kitab in mohini mantra mantras. These are also basically recited for the purpose of attracting any particular individual or even for mass attraction. To facilitate every individual, these mantras are scripted in a regular speaking Hindi as not every person can speak or chant in Sanskrit.

Whenever any of the boy or girl will look at you, he or she will be tempted towards you to have sexual relationship. That person will be eager to have an intimate session with and also will become crazy in love with you. All this is simply because of God Kamadeva who is a symbol of love and sex. To get the desired results, you are recommended to recite this power Kamdev Mohini Vashikaran mantra for the minimum of 108 times every day. This mantra usually takes somewhat around 40 days to as much as 6 months to become siddh. The mantra will siddh faster if you chant it a lot more times every day.

mohini yantra for love marriage

The relationship of husband & wife is very special. It is considered the world’s strongest & durable relation. A woman feels herself safe in the arms of her husband. This relationship is a base of satisfaction for the whole family. This is very strong & powerful Vashikaran prayog for husband & wife, this is an Aghor Vashikaran prayog which you can use to solve your married life problems.

This strong & powerful love spell remedy for husband & wife provided by Gurumata Maya & she has the remedies for the same purpose. An Astrologer who can help you to get control your husband. You can get attention from your husband & make him yours forever. He is also providing most powerful free Lal kitab remedies for a husband back or way to how to control husband by mantra.

Not only this, but there are a few more man mohini vashikaran mantras available if you are seeking to attract any particular individual towards your love. Kamdev spells that these get love back Vashikaran mantras are highly recommended for the ones who are in love with any person or have fascination but could not convey the feelings. Or, at times, despite making a lot of attempts when one is not able to attract the lover towards him or her, such love back mantras are a promising way to get the desired results.

There are specialist and highly experienced Guru Ji available who can assist you professionally to get the preferred domino effects simply by performing get love back Mohini Vashikaran mantras for love on your own. It is always suggested professionally to consider getting familiar with this theology of Kamadeva prior you try it out on your own. Moreover, if you are encountering obstacles in marriage or even in love relationships, these mantras always work wonders.

However, it is always necessary to have faith in whatever you are doing and must not intentionally perform it for evil purposes. These mantras are absolutely unmistakable and harmless that can simply attract any person to make sexual relationships with you as soon as he or she will look at your face, no matter it is for mass or any particular individual.

mohini yantra for husband

So, if you are also willing to experience something like we have mentioned over here, feel free to check out Kamdev Mohini Vashikaran Mantra in Hindi. Recite it appropriately and enjoy the desired results without any hassles.

When we talk about personalities like Amitabh Bachchan, Princess Diana and such, what comes to our mind? Their striking personality and charisma that they carry! Each one of us aspires to be charismatic in terms of personality and wish to become famous just like these starlets. Let’s find out more about mohini  Maha Yantra, the yantra that promotes charisma and power of attraction.Mohini mantra is often used by the people who are having problems in their love life or want to get their loved ones back. These are effective mantras that will help you get results in real time. Previously used by rishis and pundits, these mantras are now fast catching people’s fancy who want to get their loved ones back at the earliest. Also known as love spells, mohini vashikaran mantras helps you control someone’s mind without influencing their body.Now you might be thinking what actually is Mohini Vashikaran mantra? This is a love spell that is cast on a desired person to get them back in your life. Mohini Devi was the Hindu goddess who is believed to be the only manifestation of Lord Vishnu. This mantra is basically used to fulfil all your love desires and ambitions.

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